Open ERP Solution

Why Odoo for your Open Source Solution?

When speaking about Open source solutions as for CRM and ERP, solution providers often divide their target customers to smaller companies and big enterprises. That is partially wrong, since all companies are enterprises, and all companies need a solution that boosts and automates their business workflows.

No matter the size and scale of your business, with Odoo you have the ability to define your custom business processes, track all your business needs and information flows within the company and in the end increase the productivity of your employees. A truly one-size-fits all solution that can cover all the necessary functionalities for almost every industry sector. With more than 10.000 Official and Community Apps in the official Odoo app store, high customisability and an audience of more than 3 Million users, Odoo is indeed an enterprise ready product.

As flexible with its functionalities, Odoo is also flexible with its pricing and support models, as well as with deployment options, be it the official SaaS cloud, Shared or dedicated Cloud for developers (Odoo.Sh) or On-Premise on your own infrastructure.

Ranging from CRM pipelines and Lead management, Sales pipelines and complete accounting support, Product Lifecycle management and all the way to Website module for hosing your own webspace with an easy and intuitive website builder. There is an App for every customer need.

  • +10.000 MODULES AND APPS

Odoo Services That We Offer:

Custom Theme Development

Odoo features customization:

  • Custom Report design (Invoices, quotations, sales orders...)
  • Responisve Website and Backend themes
  • Custom website snippets
Customization and implementation partner

welove-IT is an Odoo partner. We are here to manage your implementation and adapt Odoo to your needs.

  • Installation
  • Implementation
  • Setup
  • Training
Support & Consulting
  • Consulting for all general questions and inquiries
  • Requirements survey and analysis
  • Maintenance
  • Post-implementation support